In 20 years L’Eroica has grown from a niche event into a global community of cycling enthusiasts. With its many events L’Eroica is present in Europe, America, Japan and South Africa. Our success lies in the passion for cycling and in the ability to interact with cycling fans before, during and after our events. We believe that cycling cannot be practiced nor cycling events can be organized without a genuine passion for the sport. For this reason around the world our events are organized by people who are first of all fans of L’Eroica and share the values of our movement.

Formally L’Eroica is a limited liability company, but we like to think that we are a movement of passionate cyclists. Giancarlo Brocci, the inventor of L’Eroica and many other cycling events, is still the leader of the movement and a great mentor for the company behind it. L’Eroica has not yet a central office, most people working from their homes or offices around the world. We plan to have a central office in Italy soon.


Below on this page we publish the open positions in our company. We plan to grow in the next few years, so both in case your profile matches an open position or in case it does not, we are still interested to receive your presentation letter and CV.
Please submit your interest in working with us via email to Barbara Bertoni.


(Published on 25 September 2017)

We are looking for a communication specialist to coordinate all communication activities, customer service, social media and public relations.

We look for candidates with 3 to 10 years of experience in similar positions at companies with a strong marketing culture. He/she must be passionate about road cycling, love marketing, understand branding and have excellent social media skills. He/she likes to work in teams, is able to set goals, be proactive and suggest new activities and improvements, coordinate his/her work with the rest of the global team.
The job requires most of the following knowledge & skills:
- experience in communication
- knowledge of website management and online publishing tools
- email marketing
- database management (CRM and email automation)
- social media strategy, publishing, advertising, etc.
- Google Analytics and Google Adwords
- strong project management, communication and organisational skills
- ability to build long-term personal and professional relationships
- fluent spoken and written English
Since L’Eroica is an Italian company we will priviledge candidates who are fluent in Italian as well, but this is not mandatory.

The main responsibilities of the position include the following, mostly linked to the current core business of the cycling events:
- management and improvement our current network of websites
- publishing, updating and managing all content (text, photos, videos, etc.)
- assisting event organizers in managing all event microsites
- conduct ongoing research of usability and customer experience
- managing the agencies involved in the design and development of the sites
- email marketing
    - coordinate content and calendar of all our newsletters
    - manage the newsletter database
- web marketing
    - define and implement SEM and SEO strategies
    - manage performance advertising budget and activities
- implement and coordinate the online customer with Zendesk platform
- coordinate visibility of the global sponsors at the events
- prepare visual assets for the events (posters, race numbers, etc)
- attend personally some of our events
- weekly reporting of all activities
As the company will expand beyond the core business of the cycling events, the marketing specialist will expand the range of activities. In particular we plan to develop a network of Eroica Caffè and more activities related to Ciclo Club Eroica and to Eroica Travel. The marketing specialist will be involved in communication and marketing projects connected with the new business areas.

The job is full time and permanent.
The gross salary is based on the candidate’s experience and talent.

Candidates need to send their applications to Barbara Bertoni.